Valentín Javier Diment

Director, productor, editor, guionista, actor…
13-03-1967 - Argentino

• Director, screenwriter, actor and producer: “El eslabón podrido” (The rotten link).
• Director and producer: “El sistema Gorevisión – cine z, micropolítica y rocanroll” (The Gorevision´s system – Z movies, micropolitics and rocandroll) documentary about the most outrageous producers in Argentina.
• Director, editor and producer: "La memoria del muerto" (Memory of the dead)
• Second unity director, screenwriter and coproducer “Aballay” (Six Shooters), by Fernando Spiner.
• Director, screenwriter and producer: “Mujeres de lesa humanidad”, (Women against humanity) 5 chaptress documentary for tv.
• Co-screenwriter, coproducer and main character in “Jorge y Alberto contra los demonios neoliberales” (George and Albert against neoliberals daemoniums), by The Quintana´s Brothers, black comedy produced by FANTASPOA (Porto Alegre Film Fest),
• Actor: “Fermín, glorias del tango”, by Hernán Findling y Oliver Koestler.
• Coproducer, actor: “Making of sangriento” (Bloody making of), By Quintana´s Brothers
• Director “Parapolicial Negro, apuntes para una prehistoria de la triple A” (Paramilitary crime story) Documentary
• Screenwriter and director: “El Propietario” (The Owner), Telefilm, codirected with Luis Ziembrowski
• Producer, screenwriter, camera, edition and direction:  “Beinase: El sentido del miedo”, (The sense of fear).  Miniserie, 5 chapters.
• Co screenwriter, and director asistente “Adiós Querida Luna” (God bye, dear moon” by Fernando Spiner.